How Perfect Decoration Wedding Car

How Perfect Decoration Wedding Car

The whole wedding process, the wedding team can be described as very brisk landscape, and we do not think the more expensive the wedding car, the more beautiful , wedding car decoration and GRACEDRESS Fairytale Princess Wedding Dresses UK is also very important, even very ordinary wedding car, if cleverly decorated, will become alive, here we come to teach new wedding car decoration techniques.

Roof: general roof decoration is relatively small, because it is more difficult decorated, and very easily deformed, but there are a lot of couples choose roof decorated with flowers. If the roof decoration is at the top of the passenger seat of the car body, there are also decorated in the central part of the roof, with a waterfall style based. Note the decorative roof, they must be fixed, consistent with the front decorated with flowers.

Front: front, but an important part of the wedding car decoration, because most people will see is the front, the front decorated directly affect the team's overall effect. The most common form is the western flower decoration, the combination with the relatively large mosaic into a regular pattern, but also useful oriental floral modern liberal form of decoration, with fewer mosaic composed of an irregular pattern, both will give a romantic festive feeling, to see the couple own preferences.

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Door: the door is to be decorated with the ordinary flowers How long can , but do not mix, it is best to use one of a number of looks can be structured with wrapping paper, tied with a bow, and then packing tape, paper tape it can be fixed on the door handle. To some tricks, newcomers can put on a floral with stars, etc with flowers, tied into a small bouquet of flowers, and then fixed to the door handle.SSL Report:

Rear: Decorative rear can not forget, because the back will affect the overall results, the rear of decorative relatively front simple for some, and the front of the flowers have been, just to reduce the number of in shape, it also uses a single heart or double-cross heart pattern decorative , or more regular or irregular form, can play freely.

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